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Golden Gloves Boxing

Everyone can learn how to defend themselves through the skills of boxing (ie. use of the fists). The Australian Academy of Boxing provides the proprietary formats of A.A.B. Golden Gloves Boxing and White Collar Boxing so that the whole family boys, girls, mums and dads can be taught the practical aspects of skilled personal self-defence in a controlled supervised environment.

Academy Golden Gloves Inter-Club Workshop participants

Rohan - Lachlan - Daniel - Ash - Adrian - Matt - Steve

Back Row: Frank-Anthony-Nicholas-Craig
Middle Row: Carole-Leilani-Lisa-Fiona-Ray-Mark
and on his own out front: Michael

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From February to December the Academy conducts free Inter-Club Golden Gloves Rules© Competition Workshops as a component of the A.A.B. Golden Gloves Boxing & White Collar Boxing Level 1 Coach Accreditation qualification. The workshops are open to coaches, boxing contestants, and anyone else who is interested in the development of safer personal boxing skill acquisition. Visit the White Collar Boxing Network website.

Implementation of the
'A.A.B. Excessive Punching Rule'
places the boxing focus on safety and skill attainment in highly
entertaining individual, round robin, and group contests.

The Academy Golden Gloves Rules Inter-Club Workshops
help raise funds for the 'Make-A-Wish Foundation' to
continue helping youngsters with life threatening
illnesses fulfil their dreams.

The Academy welcomes the Fight Night organisation
providers of the Fight Night DVD Boxing Series with their assistance Contact:
Academy of Boxing,
5A Sawyer Street,
Leongatha, Victoria 3953,

The Original Academy
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For A.A.B. Golden Gloves & White Collar Boxing training, equipment, competition workshops,
& course information

Golden Gloves Rules©
Inter-Club Competitors & Ratings
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